Who is Carmen Sandiego?

Carmen Sandiego with Balloons
Carmen Sandiego is the brilliant mastermind behind the world’s most ingenious thefts. She’s pilfered precious treasures from all over the world–but why? Her motives are never clear. Is she stealing for herself, or is she guiding ACME to something bigger and better?
As the infamous leader of the Villians International League of Evil (V.I.L.E.), Carmen has spent years stealing priceless artifacts and treasures and eluding ACME agents. Many times, it seems that Carmen is toying with ACME, letting her pursuers get close only to disappear with a flash and a taunting laugh.
ACME agents are especially motivated to nab Carmen because she used to be one of them. Very little is known about the early years of the precocious Carmen Sandiego, other than the fact that she travled the world alone until the age of 10, when she ran out of funds. Her bank accounts were soon refilled, though, as she won a substantial sum on a television game show. Then, between the ages of 12 and 20 she disappeared again. Speculation has it that during this time, she was busy gathering credentials at prestigious universities and institutions around the world. At age 20, she was snatched up by ACME Academy and rapidly rose through the ranks. At the age of 30, after 10 years of fighting crime, she inexplicably disappeared and began her life of crime.
Since then, she’s continued to confound ACME, pulling off ingenious heists and leading ACME agents on global pursuits. Her motives remain as clouded in mystery as she is. But one thing is certain–she’ll pop up when least expected with another mystery to solve.



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