Spinoff took Carmen Sandiego out of this world

By Marlena Courir |

After a few years of letting Carmen Sandiego commit treacherous crimes all over the globe, the developers at Broderbund Software decided to take the mischievous maven into outer space.

Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego? was released in 1993, according to Mobygames.com. This version of the game showed stark differences from the original.

Gravitational restrictions forbid Carmen from running too far on foot, so she has upgraded to a space-age red convertible. ACME has also seen some changes since going into orbit. As seen in this video, detectives are now required to communicate with the chief—who is a female member of a bird-like alien species—via a high-tech video phone system.

Because the Final Frontier is largely unexplored, Carmen's opportunities for thievery are somewhat limited. In this snapshot from the game, she steals the American flag from the surface of the moon. At least she's patriotic, right?

Players get to zoom through space on their hunt for the menace—they may even be emulate Buzz Aldrin, who supplied some of the images that are featured in the game, according to its opening credits.


Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math for Wii

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