Whoop, there it isn't

By Mina Watson |

 Since Rocky the whooping crane arrived at Washington, D.C.'s National Zoo two months ago, zoo staff have noticed that there is only one problem with the beautiful white bird: he does not whoop, CNN reports.

"I haven't heard any little squeak or squawk or anything from him," zoo keeper Debi Talbott said. "I have no idea why he doesn't vocalize."

Well Debi, if ACME agents dug through their case files, they might have a good answer for you. Before Rocky arrived at the zoo, he was living in Canada, where he was admired for being a member of an endangered species. During this time, the evil villain Carmen Sandiego happened to be vacationing in the area, when Rocky caught her eye.

Carmen immediately recognized how valuable and rare the bird was due to the distinctive whooping sound it makes. However, unlike other locals who admire the squawking sound from afar, Carmen had to have the bird for her private animal collection.

Creeping up behind the unsuspecting bird, Carmen tried to grab Rocky. However, he was just a little too quick for the villain and was able to escape. As he flew away, Carmen yelled after him, saying that if she ever saw him again she would steal his whooping sound.

When he found a safe place to land, Rocky was alone and afraid. By a stroke of good luck, members of the National Zoo found him and brought him home.

Today, Rocky is still too scared to make even the tiniest noise, fearing that if he does, Carmen will know where he is and will come back to steal his whoop.


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