Carmen Sandiego is coming to DVD this February, Gumshoes!

Anyone who was a kid in the 90's remembers sitting in front of the television and tuning into Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.

Even now, years later, you can probably picture the three contestants, or gumshoes, buzzing in to answer various geography questions with the hopes of catching one of Carmen's V.I.L.E. henchmen. Who knows, maybe those catchy tunes by Rockapella are still stuck in your head.

The nostalgia of spending your Saturdays watching Carmen may be too much to bear, but fear not, gumshoes! Carmen is Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiegocoming back to your television this February with a re-release of the"Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego" cartoon series. The four-disc series is set to be released by Mill Creek Entertainment on February 21st, which means plenty more crime-solving weekends are in store for nostalgic Carmen fans.

The animated "Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego" series featured ACME agents Ivy and Zack as they track down the world's most mysterious villain, Carmen Sandiego, and her gang of V.I.L.E. ruffians. Former gumshoes can bet that these DVDs will be just as exciting and educational as the original cartoon, which makes it the perfect indulgence for nostalgic adults or children who are eager to join in on the fun.


Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math for Wii

ESRB rating of E for Everyone

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