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Carmen Sandiego game for the Wii

As they master their geography (and detective) skills, children today know they can have a blast playing Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? on their computers, just like kids have done in schools around the country for years. However, now, both globe-trotting children and reminiscing adults can get the same action-packed adventure on their Wii systems!

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt debuted the first chapter in the series, called "Carmen Sandiego: Adventures in Math - The Lady Liberty Larceny," on December 15. But have no fear super sleuths, because this game will be followed by four others, including The Big Ben Burglary, The Case of the Crumbling Cathedral and The Great Gateway Grab.

All of these games are designed for students in the third through sixth grades, but that does not mean that nostalgic adults will not enjoy them. Just like the computer game they remember from their childhoods, these Wii adventures allow players to transform into ACME agents who are hot on the trail of the red hat-wearing villain Carmen Sandiego. As Carmen and her V.I.L.E. henchmen steal landmark after landmark, both children and adults alike are sure to become wrapped up in the virtual world of spies, supervillains and, of course, valuable geography and mathematics skills.

In The Lady Liberty Larceny in particular, players pursue V.I.L.E. thieves in New York City with the hopes of reclaiming the famous Statue of Liberty. However, these villains are especially slippery, so agents will need to complete 10 different math puzzles correctly before placing these corrupt henchmen behind bars. ACME agents-in-training better brush up on their geometry, fractions and other math skills if they want to bring these villains to justice! But still, since each of the five games in the series are independent of each other, kids will have a lot more detective work to do after they arrest V.I.L.E. criminals and recover the Statue of Liberty.

The release of the game is just in time for the holidays, so parents who want their children to experience adventure as they travel the world (while brushing up on their Common Core State Standards math skills) can pick up a copy at their local store. After all, the game also includes a multi-player mode, and what adult wouldn't want to relive their childhood of tracking down V.I.L.E. villains?


Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math for Wii

ESRB rating of E for Everyone

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