Learn It, Teach It: Historical Figures

Inspired by Carmen Sandiego™ Episode 4, kids learn about the biographies of historical figures important to Ecuador.



Discover Important Figures in Ecuadorian History

In Episode 4 of the Netflix® series, Carmen travels to Ecuador. Kids can learn more about this South American country by researching important historical figures. With this activity, they also boost their writing and presentation skills.

Activity Instructions

Kids research and create short biographies of people important to Ecuador’s history.

Estimated Time: 45+ minutes

Materials Needed: Encyclopedias, online reference materials

  1. Assign each of your kids a historical figure important to Ecuador. You may wish to include some of the following historical figures: José de San Martín, Simón Bolívar, José Joaquín Olmedo, Antonio José de Sucre, Juan José Flores, Vicente Rocafuerte, Gabriel García Moreno, Eloy Alfaro, Hermelinda Urvina, Matilde Hidalgo, Zoila Ugarte, Ana de Peralta, and Rafael Correa. You may also choose to allow kids to pick a historical figure.
  2. After conducting research, each kid should write a short biography that includes why the historical figure is important to Ecuador.
  3. Have your kids share their biographies in small groups or as a whole class.

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