Play a Character Guessing Game

French Language Learners – Inspired by Carmen Sandiego™ Episode 5, kids guess which character the teacher is talking about.



Who Could It Be?

In Episode 5, we’re introduced to Carmen’s whole crew. Kids guess which characters the teacher is talking about.

Activity Instructions

Estimated time: 15-20 minutes

Materials needed: One notebook per group

Kids answer the following questions:

  1. Organize kids in teams of four. Each team should delegate a spokesperson.
  2. Ask kids to recall all the characters they saw in this episode. List the characters on the board and provide the French translation when necessary. The list should include Carmen, Agent Devineaux (l’agent Devineaux), Agent Argent (l’agent Argent), Chief (la chef), Countess Cleo (la comtesse Cléo), Zack, Ivy, Player, and Dash Haber.
  3. Read the following clues. Have team members work together as fast as possible to agree on an answer for each clue.
  • Il/Elle prétend être un duc. (Zack)
  • Il/Elle a un château en Suisse. (la comtesse Cléo)
  • Il/Elle aime le rouge. (Carmen)
  • C’est l’assistant(e) de la comtesse Cléo. (Dash Haber)
  • C’est l’assistant(e) de l’agent Devineaux. (l’agent Argent)
  • Il/Elle a un accident et sa voiture tombe dans l’eau. (l’agent Devineaux)
  • Il/Elle déteste le poisson. (Zack)
  • C’est la sœur de Zack. (Ivy)
  • Il/Elle donne des ordres à l’agent Devineaux. (la chef)
  • The group spokespersons raise their hands when their team has an answer. The first team to raise their hand and give the correct answer in French wins the round.
  1. Repeat for each clue. The team with the greatest number of correct answers wins.

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