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Create a “Missing” Poster for Artifacts

Spanish Language Learners– Inspired by Carmen Sandiego™ Episode 7, kids design a public notice describing the stolen Magna Carta.

Have YOU Seen It?

In Episode 7, Carmen’s crew needs to find the Magna Carta. Kids design a public notice about the famous document or another stolen object.

Activity Instructions

Kids create a poster describing the Magna Carta or another one of VILE’s stolen objects.

  1. Tell kids that they will be making missing item posters for the Magna Carta or another one of VILE’s stolen objects, such as a Vermeer painting, a gold doubloon, or the Eye of Vishnu diamond. Each poster should include a sketch of the missing object, a detailed description in Spanish of what it looks like, and an explanation of why it’s valuable.
  2. If needed, allow kids to do further research about the items they chose.