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Create Animal Trading Cards

Spanish Language Learners – Inspired by Carmen Sandiego™ Episode 6, kids create trading cards about Australian animals.

Choose Your Animal!

In Episode 6, Carmen learns about different animals in Australia. Kids pick one of these animals and make their own trading card.

Activity Instructions

Kids create Australian animal trading cards.

  1. Explain that Australia is home to many amazing creatures. As a class, create a list of
    Australian animals or provide kids with a list of animal names in Spanish such as el koala,
    el canguro, el walabí, el wombat, el dingo, el demonio de Tasmania, el ornitorrinco, el echidna, el casuario, la cucaburra, el cocodrilo.
  2. Have kids choose an Australian animal to make a trading card for. Kids should find an image of the animal for the front of the card. On the back, kids should list facts in Spanish about the animal including its habitat, food, predators, and interesting adaptations.