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Discover Quito!

Spanish Language Learners– Inspired by Carmen Sandiego™ Episode 4, kids use their research skills to learn about Ecuador’s capital.

Show What You Know

In Episode 4, Carmen and her crew search for sunken treasure in Ecuador and face VILE operatives in Quito. Kids conduct research on the city using Spanish-language sources.

Activity Instructions

Kids work in groups to learn more about Quito. Encourage kids to conduct research using Spanish language resources.

  1. Have kids choose from a list of topics such as Quito’s local handicrafts, top things to see or do in or around Quito, its colonial history, its indigenous people, or another topic.
  2. Group members will collaborate to create one final presentation. Members conduct research about an aspect of their chosen topic.
  3. Give kids time in class to write their text and find images.
  4. Have kids exchange work and peer edit.
  5. Kids make any necessary changes and combine sections to create one presentation.
  6. Groups present in class and/or publish to a class website.