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Find Spanish Treasure!

Spanish Language Learners – Inspired by Carmen Sandiego™ Episode 4, kids research and write about a famous sunken Spanish treasure.

Dive Deep for Sunken Mysteries

In Episode 4, Carmen and her crew search for Spanish treasure in a shipwreck. Have your kids look for information about other famous Spanish treasures lost at sea and write a short piece about their findings.

Activity Instructions

Kids research and write a short paragraph about a famous Spanish treasure that was lost at sea. Prepare kids for this task by providing vocabulary words they may not know, such as tesoro, naufragio, and barco.

  1. Have kids conduct research on famous Spanish treasures that were lost at sea.
  2. After conducting research, each kid should write a short paragraph including the name of the ship, where it was lost, what was onboard, and whether it was ever recovered and, if so, when and by whom.
  3. Have kids share their paragraphs in small groups or as a whole class.