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Listen to Gamelan Music

Inspired by Carmen Sandiego™ Episode 3, kids record and evaluate their observations of gamelan musicians and music.

Discover an Indonesian Musical Tradition

Kids learn about gamela, instrumental music from Indonesia. They listen, observe, and explain their thoughts about this important tradition.

Watch Episode 3 of the Netflix® series.

Activity Instructions

Kids watch a video of gamelan music and discuss their observations.

Estimated Time: 30–45 minutes
Materials Needed: Video of people playing gamelan music

  1. Share with kids that gamelan is a traditional instrumental musical ensemble from Indonesia. Tell them to pay attention to the details of what they see and hear when they watch the video.
  2. Show kids a video of people playing gamelan music.
  3. After watching the video, ask kids what they saw, what they think based on what they saw, and what they wonder about what they observed. Encourage them to distinguish between what they actually saw or heard and what they thought, inferred, or assumed based on what they saw and heard.