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Learn It, Teach It: Origami

Inspired by Carmen Sandiego Episode 1, kids learn to fold an origami figure and then teach a partner to do the same.

Discover the Art of Origami

In episode 1 of the Netflix series, Carmen faces the VILE agent, Paper Star, whose specialty is throwing origami figures. As your kids can learn origami, they also boost their communication skills as they explain the steps to a partner.

Activity Instructions

In groups, kids learn to fold an origami figure and then teach a partner how to fold that figure.

Estimated Time: 30–45 minutes
Materials Needed: Square pieces of paper, instructions for three or four different easy origami figures

  1. Divide the class into three or four groups, giving each group a different set of instructions.
    In small groups, students should follow the instructions together. Each student should fold
    an origami figure. Students should support each other in understanding the directions.
  2. After each group has figured out how to fold their figure, have each student pair up with
    someone from a different group. Tell partners to teach each other the figures they
    learned to fold. Partners may refer to instructions as needed.