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Discuss Plot Twists

Spanish Language Learners– Inspired by Carmen Sandiego™ Episode 9, kids discuss surprising plot twists in the episode.

An Unexpected Ally

In Episode 9, Carmen is forced out of hiding and into a reunion with her former VILE teachers that reveals details about Carmen’s murky past. Kids discuss plot twists.

Activity Instructions

Kids discuss the plot twist revealed in the last episode.

  1. As a class, have kids summarize what happened when Shadowsan and Coach Brunt crossed paths with Carmen. Help them by providing Spanish sequencing words, such as primero, luego, antes, después, más tarde, al principio, al final.
  2. Have kids discuss their reactions to the episode. Ask: ¿Les sorprendieron los sucesos del episodio? ¿Qué creen que impulsó a este personaje a ayudar a Carmen? ¿Creen que Carmen puede confiar en él?
  3. Ask kids to speculate about what will happen next. Ask: ¿Shadowsan regresará a la isla? ¿Qué hará la Entrenadora Brunt?