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Map Quest: Carmen Sandiego Sightings

Inspired by Carmen Sandiego Episode 2, kids identify and mark the locations Carmen has visited on a map.

Track Carmen’s Travels!

In episode two of the Carmen Sandiego Netflix series, Carmen travels to many different locations. Kids learn about world geography as they find these destinations on the map.

Activity Instructions

As a class, create a map of places that Carmen has been.

Estimated Time: 15–20 minutes
Materials Needed: World political map and stickers, labels, or pushpins

  1. As a group, locate the different places Carmen visited in “Becoming Carmen Sandiego”
    Parts 1 and 2. These include Poitiers, France; Paris, France; Buenos Aires, Argentina;
    Casablanca, Morocco; and the Canary Islands, Spain.
  2. Mark each location with a sticker, label, pushpin, or marker.
  3. As your class learns about other places Carmen travels to, mark each place on the world map.