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Map Quest: Carmen Sandiego Sightings

Inspired by Carmen Sandiego™ Episode 2, kids identify and mark the locations Carmen has visited on a map.

Track Carmen’s Travels!

In Episode 2 of the Carmen Sandiego Netflix® series, Carmen travels to many different locations. Kids learn about world geography as they find these destinations on the map.

Activity Instructions

As a class, create a map of places that Carmen has been.

Estimated Time: 15–20 minutes
Materials Needed: World political map and stickers, labels, or pushpins

  1. As a group, locate the different places Carmen visited in “Becoming Carmen Sandiego”
    Parts 1 and 2. These include Poitiers, France; Paris, France; Buenos Aires, Argentina;
    Casablanca, Morocco; and the Canary Islands, Spain.
  2. Mark each location with a sticker, label, pushpin, or marker.
  3. As your class learns about other places Carmen travels to, mark each place on the world map.