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  • Who in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?

    Carmen Sandiego™ debuted in 1985 in the first of twenty-two video games and went on to become a best-selling game franchise through the '80s and '90s. Three TV shows followed, winning six Emmys and building the mysterious globetrotting thief into an iconic heroine.

  • An All-New Show & All-New Adventures

    Carmen has made a dramatic return with a new series now streaming on Netflix® with our titular character and her tech-whiz sidekick, Player. The series follows Carmen on thrilling adventures around the world and explores her origin story as never before!

  • Carmen Sandiego in the Classroom

    With dedicated classroom resources, Google® Expeditions, virtual field trips, and more, educators can use Carmen’s adventures as a vehicle to teach students about geography, culture, diversity, and empathy.