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Characters and Videos

Get briefed on Carmen Sandiego and the characters who help or hinder her adventures in the new Netflix series. Watch the videos below to see how Carmen is inspiring kids around the world.




Watch these clips to learn more about the Carmen Sandiego Netflix series and see how Carmen can boost learning at home and in the classroom! Hear from educational leaders and the voice of Carmen, Gina Rodriguez, on the importance of Carmen for kids everywhere.

  • Who is Carmen Sandiego?

    Learn more about the world’s greatest super-sleuth and hear from the voice of Carmen, Gina Rodriguez!

  • Carmen Sandiego is back!

    The globetrotting action hero, Carmen Sandiego, is back in an all new Netflix original series! Watch the official trailer.

  • A Role Model Returns

    Gina Rodriguez, the voice of Carmen Sandiego, talks about what our glotetrotting hero means to her.

  • “Career Advice” from VILE

    Cookie Booker, a member of the evil organization VILE, gives a young Carmen Sandiego advice on becoming a criminal.

  • Carmen Sandiego Theme Song

    Watch the official opening theme of the Netflix series and get a sneak peak of Carmen’s new adventures.