Create an Art “Forgery”

Inspired by Carmen Sandiego Episode 5, kids replicate famous works of art, creating their own “forgery.”



Recreate Famous Works of Art

In Episode 5, Carmen and her crew run into art thieves. An important part of art heists is creating forgeries. Have your kids practice their art skills as they copy famous masterpieces and create their own “forgery.”

Activity Instructions

Kids attempt to create forgeries of famous works of art.

Estimated Time: 45+ minutes

Materials Needed: Art supplies including paints and colored pencils; books of art or photos of pieces of art

  1. Tell your kids that, like the VILE operatives, they will attempt to create forgeries of works of art. Each kid should select a painting or drawing to try to replicate.
  2. Ask your kids to try to copy the work of art, reminding them to pay attention not only to the subject of the painting, but also to the style of the artist.
  3. Discuss what was interesting, what was hard, and what was not as hard about the assignment.

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