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Create a Word Collage

Inspired by Carmen Sandiego™ Episode 9, kids make a collage of English words that come from French.

Explore Etymology!

In Episode 9, Carmen visits French Polynesia. Kids come up with a list of English words that originated from French and create a collage with the results.

Activity Instructions

Kids collaborate to create a collage of English words that come from French.

Estimated Time: 30–40 minutes
Materials Needed: Drawing supplies, scissors, glue, a large sheet of chart or bulletin board paper

  1. As a class, generate a list of words that are used in English but come from French. The list may include: ballet, collage, beret, café, croissant, cul-de-sac, faux pas, petite, silhouette, bouquet, menu, table, restaurant, and boutique. 
  2. Have kids illustrate and write the words. Then, they can cut and glue them onto one larger piece of paper to create a class collage of some French words commonly used in English.