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Even Carmen Has Nightmares!

Spanish Language Learners – Inspired by Carmen Sandiego™ Episode 8, kids imagine what Carmen and other characters would dream about.

Describe a Dream

In Episode 8, Carmen has a nightmare about failing Shadowsan’s exam. Kids show their understanding of Carmen’s crew and other characters by imagining what they might have nightmares about.

Activity Instructions

  1. The episode begins with Carmen’s nightmare about failing Shadowsan’s exam. Have kids work in pairs to imagine and describe a nightmare that one of the other characters may have.
  2. Place kids in pairs.
  3. Have kids choose a character that they would like to work with.
  4. Based on their knowledge of the character, kids write a very short nightmare scene that illustrates aspects of the character, such as particular events, likes/dislikes, personality type, character strengths or flaws, etc.
  5. Kids illustrate or find images to accompany their writing.