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Explore the Canary Islands!

Spanish Language Learners – Inspired by Carmen Sandiego™ Episode 1, kids research the Canary Islands and present their findings.

Dig Into Research

Kids launch a search for key information about the Canary Islands, following the revelation in “Becoming Carmen Sandiego” Part 2 that Carmen was raised there.

Watch Episode 2 in Spanish!

Activity Instructions

At the end of Part 2, Carmen learns that she was raised in the Canary Islands. Have groups of kids look up information about the Canary Islands and take turns presenting their findings to the class.

  1. Assign the various topics to groups. Possible topics: geographic location, number and names of the islands, capitals, language spoken, main industries, tourist attractions, etc.
  2. In addition, kids could come up with theories about why VILE decided to have its headquarters there. They can vote on the most plausible/entertaining reason.
  3. Have kids share the information with the class.
  4. Consider having the groups collaborate to publish their findings in a poster or online.