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Learn About Ecuadorian Cuisine

Spanish Language Learners– Inspired by Carmen Sandiego™ Episode 4, kids use their research skills to learn about Ecuadorian cuisine.

Make Carmen a Meal!

In Episode 4, Carmen and her crew visit Ecuador—and likely try some of the food! Kids research Ecuador and its foods and guess which meals Carmen and her friends might like.

Activity Instructions

Carmen, Ivy, and Zach want to eat some Ecuadorian specialties. Have kids research some typical foods and come up with some dishes they think each character would like.

  1. Kids conduct research to find a dish. Have them consider a variety of meals and/or regions while researching. Also remind them to base their recommendations on what they know about the characters’ likes and dislikes.
  2. Kids write their descriptive text in Spanish. As a class, brainstorm Spanish words they might need to use in their descriptions, such as basic ingredients or actions related to food preparation. Their descriptions should include the ingredients and the preparation, as well as what foods accompany their dish.
  3. Have kids find images of their dish.
  4. Have kids present their dishes in class.
  5. Kids vote on the best dishes and the best matches to each character’s dislikes or likes.