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Learn It, Teach It: Origami

Spanish Language Learners– Inspired by Carmen Sandiego™ Episode 7, kids learn to fold an origami figure and teach a partner to do the same.

Discover the Art of Origami

In the Netflix® series, Carmen faces the VILE agent, Paper Star, whose specialty is throwing origami figures. As your kids learn origami, they also boost their Spanish vocabulary as they explain the steps to a partner.

Watch Episode 7 in Spanish!

Activity Instructions

The VILE operative Paper Star is an origami expert. Have kids learn how to make a simple origami figure and then tell a partner in Spanish how to make the same figure. You might want to provide related vocabulary words, such as cortar, doblar, desdoblar, doblez, pliegue, and so on.

  1. Have kids find a simple origami figure and use a resource in Spanish to learn how to make it. They might read an article with images or watch a video.
  2. Kids practice making the figure and then come up with step-by-step directions in Spanish that they can use while showing their partner how to make the figure.
  3. Display the figures around the class.