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What Happens in Episode 4?

Spanish Language Learners– Inspired by Carmen Sandiego™ Episode 4, kids practice summarizing by describing the episode’s key moments.

Sum It Up!

Kids work together to retell the story of Carmen’s search for sunken Spanish treasure, in their own words.

Watch Episode 4 in Spanish!

Activity Instructions

Kids work in small groups to orally summarize the key events from the episode.

  1. After kids watch the episode, have small groups work together to give a summary of the main events in the episode. Help them by providing Spanish sequencing words, such as primero, luego, después, más tarde, al principio, al final, finalmente.
  2. Have kids share their summaries with the class.
  3. To make this into a writing activity, have groups of kids write single sentences on separate slips of paper to describe events that happen in the episode. Then have them exchange sets of sentences with another group, and work together to put them in order.