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Write an Opera

Inspired by Carmen Sandiego™ Episode 6, kids create a detailed opera scene.

Create a Show Fit for the Sydney Opera House!

In Episode 6, Carmen Sandiego visits Sydney, Australia, famous for the Sydney Opera House. Kids can show off their creativity as they write their own opera about Carmen’s adventures.

Activity Instructions

Kids write an opera scene about Carmen Sandiego.

Estimated Time: 45 minutes
Materials Needed: Writing materials, recording of Carmen or another opera

  1. Share part of the recording of the opera with kids. You might want to play “Habanera” from Act 1 of Carmen. Explain that in opera, characters on stage sing instead of speak.
  2. Have kids write an opera scene in which Carmen and Player sing instead of talk about a visit to your location. Kids should be sure to include where Carmen is going, what physical and human geographical features she might see there, and anything important she might need to know when visiting.
  3. If time allows, kids can perform their scenes with a partner.