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Write Questions and Answers

Spanish Language Learners– Inspired by Carmen Sandiego™ Episode 4, kids use facts from the episode to write and answer questions.

Test Your Knowledge

Now that kids know about Ecuador and its capital, Quito, they can put that knowledge to use. Half write questions based on facts in the episode, and the other half provide the answers.

Watch Episode 4 now.

Activity Instructions

Using the facts about Ecuador presented in the episode, have half of the class write questions that would elicit the answers while the other half writes the answers.

  1. Ask kids to name some of the facts about Quito and Ecuador presented in the episode (location, altitude, exports, what the equator is, what the ocho escudos doubloon is and what book it was mentioned in, etc.).
  2. Divide your kids into question or answer writers. Kids should write either the answer or the question for all of the topics. If they write a question, they must know the answer and vice versa.
  3. Then have kids read their questions aloud for their classmates to answer.
  4. To expand the activity, you may also wish to add in key points from the episode as a topic of questions and answers.