Take a Virtual Field Trip

Inspired by Carmen Sandiego Episode 2, kids explore the UNESCO World Heritage Sites with this virtual field trip activity.



Learn About Culture, History, and More!

Carmen knows the importance of preserving history. As kids take a virtual field trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, they learn more about the history and culture behind some of the world’s greatest treasures.

Inspired by Episode 2 of the Netflix® series.

Activity Instructions Check out “treasures” around the world by exploring UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Materials Needed: Computer with projector

  1. Tell students that in Casablanca, Carmen learns that some things are valuable not because they are worth a lot of money but because of their cultural and historic importance.
  2. Explore several places that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites through the UNESCO website. World Heritage Sites are listed by country. The website provides a description, photos, and a video of each site. You may wish to preview and preselect several places to visit to make sure that the locations you visit are appropriate for your class. When sharing the website with the class, look at the photos and view the videos to get a sense of each place. Discuss why these “treasures” are worth preserving.
  3. As a class, make a list of important “treasure places” in your area. Discuss why they are special.

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