Virtual Field Trip: Rijksmuseum

Spanish Language Learners– Inspired by Carmen Sandiego™ Episode 5, kids tour the national museum of The Netherlands and discuss works of art.



Visit the Rijksmuseum!

In Episode 5, VILE thieves target the national museum of the Netherlands, the Rijksmuseum. Take your kids on a virtual tour of this museum and learn more about Dutch art and history.

Activity Instructions

Have kids take a virtual tour of the national museum of the Netherlands that VILE operatives target in this episode. Then have kids select a work and discuss it in small groups.

  1. Have kids visit the Rijksmuseum website ( They can look at pieces from the collection by exploring the Rijksstudio. Works can be viewed by artist, subject, style, or medium. Encourage kids to look at Vermeer’s paintings, including Woman Reading a Letter
  2. If needed, provide kids with a list of vocabulary needed to discuss art and artistic techniques. Have kids form small groups to discuss their paintings. Possible topics for discussion: the way Vermeer captures light, or the subjects that different artists chose to portray in their works. For example, Vermeer’s paintings at the Rijksmuseum all focus on women in the midst of daily life. Abraham Mignon, on the other hand, painted still lifes of food and flowers.

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