What Happens in Episode 8?

French Language Learners– Inspired by Carmen Sandiego Episode™ 8, kids answer questions pertaining to the episode's plot.



Test Your Knowledge!

In Episode 8, Carmen travels to San Francisco. Using their French skills, kids answer the following questions about the episode.

Activity Instructions

Kids test their knowledge on Episode 8.

Estimated time: 10-15 minutes

Materials needed: Writing supplies and a French dictionary

Have kids watch Episode 8 and ask them the following questions:

  1. Où se passe l’épisode? (à San Francisco)
  2. De quelle couleur est la voiture qu’achète Carmen? (rouge)
  3. Pour qui travaille le mime? (VILE)
  4. Qui est la femme blonde? (Tigress, la Tigresse)
  5. Qui choisit la Tigresse pour cette mission? (Shadowsan)
  6. Qui a un accident de voiture dans la baie de San Francisco? (l’agent Devineaux)

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