Write an Itinerary

Inspired by Carmen Sandiego™ Episode 1, kids plan a trip to any destination, describing how they’ll get there and what they’ll do.



Learn to Plan a Trip!

Kids discover the planning that goes into a global adventure. Their trip will be exciting, but first they need to do research! How will they get to their chosen destination? What time of year is best to visit? What are the popular sites to see? Use this activity to build writing and organizational skills.

Inspired by Episode 1 of the Netflix® series.

Activity Instructions

Have kids choose a place in the world they would like to travel to and plan a trip there.

Estimated Time: 40–45 minutes

Materials Needed: Sample itineraries, writing materials

  1. Explain to your kids that Carmen Sandiego grew up on an island of thieves where she learned all about the world but was never allowed to go anywhere. She spent a lot of time dreaming about where she would go once she was grown up and free.

  2. Show your kids a sample itinerary for a trip. Explain that an itinerary is a schedule for a trip and usually includes where the travelers will go and the main activities they will do.

  3. Ask your kids to write about where they would go if they could visit anywhere in the world. They should create an itinerary and identify the place they would visit, what specific sites they would want to see or things they would like to do each day, what time of the year they would travel, and how they would get there. Your kids may need to do some research to complete their itineraries.

  4. Have kids share their writing with partners.

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